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punch dis man 2.0

2013-01-08 09:24:54 by ivan66654323

punch him with left and right keys
click here to punch

punch dis man

2012-12-27 03:30:46 by ivan66654323

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c488c689c45c bd9a65d3f3753f2953e4

Pixel Rampage Announcement

2012-04-20 16:18:44 by ivan66654323

I've been studying Flash 8. I've made three games (not on newgrounds) and now I'm gonna do something in tribute to Krinkels .

Coming soon, I dunno when, maybe in like two months or so

Should Hank Rule?

2012-04-15 13:10:33 by ivan66654323

This guy decided to protest because he thinks Hank is the strongest on NG. I agree with that, but it is not a reason to protest.

I think he is just an obese 9-year-old addicted to watching Krinkels' toons. I think the HSR thing is cute and silly.

Peace out

Should Hank Rule?

MazeGame V2.0

2012-02-08 04:12:55 by ivan66654323

so uhm, this is my first flash game.
Maze, 10 levels, Version 3 coming in 2 to 3 days.
Size: 2.2 MB
Music: Door into Summer ( Knuckles Chaotix )http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/430a4f84648 87ca8e8aa51e1658f2323


2011-10-04 15:00:59 by ivan66654323

With all your SMART questions...


Madness Retaliation Complete map + Armor

2011-08-28 12:12:36 by ivan66654323

Here's the Full map:

Madness Retaliation Complete map + Armor

I'm about to make my First SMD game, Shadow The Hedgehog 1.
View the Prototype here: https://rapidshare.com/files/251257498 2/Sonic_the_Hedgehog.bin
( Requires Kega Fusion )

Help stop Libya war

2011-03-21 08:03:39 by ivan66654323

Fellow readers,
Libya has started war and we need your help to stop the war and save Libya by an internet Revolution.
23 people are already participating.
Take part in the Revolution:
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=gr oup_148940148502453&id=149314878464980
~ John
PS add friends , too!

Help stop Libya war

Guess What

2010-12-25 11:50:50 by ivan66654323


Guess What